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It has been two years since the "two suns" event was delivered in the June 1, 2008 Message from the Blessed Mother. I did quite a bit of research in the past few months regarding the information presented in the June 1st message. I uncovered an unbelievable amount of information concerning the future of mankind and the immediate threat to our current way of life. According to the information I found, in the next few years we will see Earth changes that will be devastating to all living creatures on the planet. There will be compound crisis' happening at the same time in our cosmos. Planet X will be returning from its 3600 year orbit around our solar system. Which will bring with it six orbiting satellites with it. This return of Planet X will disrupt our solar system, and especially Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus, Venus, and the Earth. Planet X will enter our solar system at the edge and cross orbits with Jupiter. Jupiter could ignite at this time and become a baby sun. Nibiru will pass between the Earth on the Sun. This will cause the two suns to be seen by everyone in the world.

Gianna Talone Sullivan

Gianna Talone Sullivan


The 11 1/2 year solar flare cycle will peak on 2012 causing solar flares that can knock out power grids around the world. These solar flares in conjunction with the return of Planet X, will cause devastation on the earth.

The sun, earth, and milky way will align at the galactic equator, on December 21, 2012, the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year, and the end of the Mayan calendar. This only happens every 25,800 years! For the first time in recorded history, our entire solar system will move BELOW the milky way galaxy. These combined cosmic events, will be the end of the world as we know it. About 6 billion people of the world will perish in just a few short years if this cosmic catastrophe occurs.

I know you will have to do some more investigations yourself, to see if there is any truth to what I am writing here. You may, or may not, believe it EVEN after you uncover the massive amount of scientific, astronomical, and historical proof, that we are in the of the end of days leading to 2012. Human Beings have been putting themselves before God for so long, that they feel it is too late for them to redeem themselves in God's eyes. It's not too late, but soon it will be. Put prayer back into your everyday lives and what is to come will be mitigated. 

2012 End of Days Countdown has Begun

There is a planet that orbits the sun every 3600 years. This planet has been referred to as Planet X, which is what astronomers call planets that have not been named. The first real pictures Planet X were photographed shortly after January 26, 1983, when NASA launched the Infrared Astronomical Satellite (IRAS). The astronomers calculated that Planet X was over 50 million miles away from us at that time. In 2004 Planet X was determined to be only 7 million miles away. It's moving closer. Confirmation of the tenth planet "Planet X" was taken in Japan on February 28, 2008. Planet X exists, and it will be here by the end of 2012. Planet X will appear as two suns in the sky to us, no later than 2011.

Source: http://www.2012warning.com